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Meet the Harpers!


Our Story

Harper's Ice Cream Co. traces its roots back to a cherished trip to Maui, Hawaii, where the founders, Doug and Karen, embarked on a journey to welcome their first granddaughter. The spark was ignited while sampling local handcrafted frozen treats and ice cream flavors found only in Maui. 

In the glow of that Hawaiian magic, Doug and Karen found themselves discussing the rarity of ice cream shops back home that crafted their treats with locally sourced, fresh ingredients. They also felt drawn to the impact a small, local ice cream shop could have in fostering community bonds and forging lifelong memories.

Maybe it was the enchantment of the island or a calling, but Doug returned from Maui with a mission—to bring authentic handcrafted ice cream to his friends, family, and local community. Doug dove in headfirst. He read every book and watched every video he could. He created magical flavors in their kitchen, one quart at a time. Doug shared his creations with friends, family, and coworkers, relishing the growing sense of community nurtured by his craft.

Throughout their travels, the duo made it a point to explore every ice cream shop they encountered. Following a few years and a global pandemic, Doug transitioned from a longstanding career in physical therapy to a full-time ice cream maker and shop owner. A full-time RN, Karen contributes her talents behind the scenes. Occasionally, you can find her—helping in the scoop shop, decorating cakes, assisting at events, or capturing moments for social media.

Fueled by a passion to cultivate community and deliver the best local ice cream experience possible, Harper's Ice Cream Co. was brought to life. 

Dairy-free and gluten-free options are available so everyone can share in the fun. The Harpers invite you to come share in the joy and magic of it all!

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